Friday, March 23, 2007

Trip to Ireland - Part I

My journey to Ireland is something I would never forget. There were so many beautiful and moving moments, and there were trials and tribulations as well...

The night before I left for Mangalore Airport, my right eye was red and itchy. I thought it was a normal eye irritation, so I applied a few drops of EyeMo before I went to bed. I woke up at around 5 a.m., and the eye was still red... and it has somewhat become more painful. I applied EyeMo once again, hoping that it will be okay by the time I reach Bangalore and had my proper rest in the plane (didn't have one the night before.. I was busy packing, checking everything.. oh and was busy feeling excited). Maziah and I waited for the promised taxi for a good one hour, before she lost her patience and called the driver. We were worried that we might miss the plane. The taxi driver said he didn't know the way to our apartment! We panicked. Luckily, the guard at our apartment offered to fetch the driver and direct him to the apartment.

We got to the airport safe and sound.. and in time... to find out that all the worrying were useless. Our flight was delayed again and again.. up to 5 hours of delay! In the mean time, my right eye was beginning to hurt and throb, and its red colour is becoming more prominent. After a while, I noticed that the eye was not able to see things clearly... everything seems a bit foggy. I got scared, and it was a really frightening time waiting for the flight to take off. I just wanted to get to Bangalore and see the doctor there. My friends were very concerned with my situation. Shidan, my class rep, was kind enough to carry my luggages and offer me a towel to dab the tears that kept coming out from my sore eye. Thank you.

By the time we arrived at Bangalore, it was already late afternoon. I rushed to the auto, alone, and told him to bring me to a clinic, a hospital.. anywhere relevant to get my right eye checked. The driver brought me around aimlessly - he doesn't seem to know where he can take me - and the pain was becoming more and more unbearable. The eye practically throbbed and was extremely sensitive to light. I broke down and the auto driver panicked. He brought me to a spectacles shop. Everyone looked at me and my puffy face and red eye. One guy asked "what happened?". I croacked a little when I told him, "it's my right eye. It's really painful. I need to see the doctor". He told the auto man that there was an optical clinic named Vagh Eye Center nearby, and the driver brought me there.

Dr. Mustali M. Vagh took a look at my eye. "It's bad," he says.

"Bad.. as in.. I can lose my eyesight?" I asked, scared.

"Yes, you CAN lose your eyesight."

The words hit me hard. The doctor went on to explain that it was bacterial, and it had spread to my cornea.

"What are the chances that it will be okay?"

He said if I took my medicine religiously, the chances would be high. I promised him I would, and he told me to get a follow-up in Ireland. He would want to see me again the next day. He prescribed Cyclosin (I think that's the name), Vigamox, Tobrex and an antibiotic. The eyedrops were to be taken every half an hour, alternatively. Antibiotics were to be taken three times per day. The auto driver was kind enough to accompany me during my clinic visit, and he took all the trouble to get all my medicine for me. He didn't ask for much either. I guess he sort of took pity in me, all alone and sick.

I came back from the clinic, feeling very sad and worried. Then I realized that I have left my cellphone in the hotel room in all the rush to get to the clinic.. and I didn't have my keys with me, as they were with Maziah. I kept pacing up and down to see if she's back, but she didn't. The eye was getting painful again, and I needed to apply the eyedrop. I needed a clean bathroom to clean my hands to ensure that everything is hygenic. It was then I remembered that I had some Ireland friends' numbers in a book I brought. I wrote everything about the Ireland trip inside my book - the flight number, time of departure, travel documents I brought, and a few contacts and addresses of my friends in Ireland. I went to the ISD/STD calls booth and called Farhan, Maziah's close friend, first. I thought I could obtain Maziah's number from him. He didn't pick up the phone. I called two of my close friends next. Only one picked up and I blurt everything that had happened in an instant. It was sort of embarrassing, but I just needed to tell someone. I didn't want to worry my parents, so I only told them about the eye infection once it was getting better (i.e. a few days after my arrival in Ireland). Alhamdulillah for my friend was willing to listen to my concerns and worries.. Thank you for being there. You know who you are!

Maziah came back after a while, and saw me waiting in front of the room, all tired and puffy. I told her everything that the doctor had said. I didn't really have a good sleep that night. I kept waking up every half an hour to apply the eye drops. The next day, the same auto driver took me for the follow-up. The doctor said I have improved from the day before, and that I should be continuing my medication and see a doctor in Ireland. Before I left, he told me to get more eye drops from Bangalore medical stores before leaving for Ireland:

"The price would be the same in the number, but instead of rupees, it would be Euros. You'd better get your supplies here."

I did what I was told to do. Once again, the auto driver drove around to find all the medical supplies and told me to just rest in the auto. All of the stores seemed to run out of one particular eyedrop I needed, so the auto driver drove all the way back to the clinic and asked the doctor to contact anyone for the supply. I was told to wait in the auto and he did everything he can to help me. After a few minutes, he came down and told me that the supplier would send the medications to my hotel room later. I thanked him profusely and got back to the hotel to rest. An hour later, the medical supplier came and I managed to get hold of two more bottles of the eyedrop. Just after a few minutes, I got a call on the telephone in my hotel room. The auto driver had called and asked if I had gotten the promised medications. I told him I did, and thanked him again.

That evening, after a good rest, my friends called me up. They asked me if I could join them shopping at Garuda Mall. I hadn't had a proper meal since the day I've arrived (I ate Kit-Kat and drank mineral water for every meal), and had not purchase any winter clothing, so I agreed to come. I met a few ex-Kolej MARA Banting and ex-Kolej Teknologi Timur students, who helped us around the mall. I ate a chicken lasagna (Indian style!) and managed to purchase a green winter clothing at MNG. It was a quick decision and an instant purchase. I had no time to think of whether it would suit my other clothings. All I knew was I needed one before coming to Ireland.

We got to the airport at 12 a.m. and had an early check-in. The airport was full with Malaysian students, some heading home, some heading to other parts of India for vacation and me and Maziah, who were heading to Ireland. We left for Frankfurt, our transit stop, at 3.05 a.m.
I'll tell you more about the happier bits of my trip to Ireland, but for now I have to study for my Physiology Self-Directed Learning test this Saturday.. which includes.. the Thyroid Gland and the Male Reproductive System. Yikes! It's a lot! In the mean time, I'll post some pictures of my trip:

Some of the many nice people I met in Ireland. I stayed with Helma (back row, black hijab), Sarah (front row, red sweater) and Hazirah (next to Sarah and me)

With Helma, at University College Dublin, where I attended a talk by a recent Muslim revert. Notice that my right eye is red and swollen

At Trinity College

In front of Royal College of Surgeons, where I attended a few classes, just for the fun of it :P

In front of Malaysia Hall, where I attended the Penang Medical College Farewell Ceremony. Good food, good speeches :)

With Atikah, my friend from INTEC, at St. Stephen's Green Shopping Centre

Feeding the swans. I really think it could be a favorite way for me to spend my spare time.. but we don't have swans in Manipal

In front of Malahide Castle, with Kak Firdausi and Helma

Somewhere around the Malahide Castle. I love that huge tree

In the cafe within the Malahide Castle. We ordered a hot chocolate drink from the cafe, but we ate nasi lemak cooked by Kak Siha (in the picture) :P

Guess where we are? In the toilet of Malahide Castle

At the playground near Malahide Castle

Er.. somewhere I can't recall. We stopped by at this place on our way back from Malahide Castle

At the Japanese Garden, one of the many gardens at Powers Court. Just look at that beautiful Sakura tree!

I want a garden like this!

At the seaside in Bree

At a mini-golf course, with fairy tales as its theme. I believe this is one of the bears from the story Goldilocks

With my friends Jannah and Dayah in Galway. We had just attended a talk on "Shahadatul Haq" and were on our way to visit the lake nearby


Anonymous Mior Faiq said...

Salaam.. Hrmm, It was a great relief to see u all safe and sound at the Dublin airport.. Yeah, your right eye was still a bit red at that moment but other than that, everything was fine.. You told someone that you are going to take good care of your health and that you will always stay healthy from now on.. You know who that someone is.. So Solehah, you better keep that promise ok?

p/s : I agree with Helma now after looking at the pictures u posted.. how could you say that there is a "Gajah" instead of "Ikan Bilis"?

6:06 AM  
Blogger ifos said...

Lovely pictures... especially the Japanese garden ;)

What happened to your eye was scary... luckily you had it checked in time, and blessed with a wonderful auto driver =) How're you doing now, then? Hopefully it's healed nicely..

More pics and stories, please.

12:13 AM  
Blogger Elaine said...

I was so shocked when i read about what happened to your eyes.
And you didn't mention it at all when u r back.
or is it i am too insensitive?
Anyway, thank God tat u r safe n healthy now.

5:02 PM  
Blogger afie911 said...

I was honestly very worried at the beginning of your entry. Sangat menakutkan. Alhamdulillah you're ok now.

I'm happy to know you had a great time there in Ireland. Hope you'll be able to share some of the inputs of the programmes and talks you've attended also, besides all those beautiful pics! =)

Take care.

11:42 PM  
Anonymous mynn said...

excellent pictures around ireland, but it really was scary what happened to your eye - hope it's slightly better now.

the fact that it'd affected your eyesight meant that the infection was serious and you did well to see a doctor ASAP.

4:36 PM  
Anonymous a1zat said...

ey kak sol ur picture feeding the swans look reallly cute :)

5:01 PM  
Blogger Mama Sarah said...

So sorry to hear about your eye infection.

Nice collection of photos in Ireland. Cantik semuanya. BUt I just couldn't help but notice you brought along so many winter coats! waaahhh...

looking forward to the next entry

8:11 PM  
Blogger dith said...


Alhamdulillah that all are well. That cab driver should be given an award or something! He is great person...

Take care

4:36 PM  
Anonymous ikelah said...

execellent holiday collection and journey. many of us wish how we can spend holidayas such. after entering medical school, i dont really have a holiday. there is a big difference studying locally and abroad in medicine. you are very lucky(sama juga dengan ifos) ;)

good luck in your studies.

6:14 PM  
Anonymous hirumi said...

seems like u had such a wonderful journey to ireland.i'm planning towards it.maybe this coming christmas hols :p

8:49 AM  
Blogger pycnogenol said...

What a terrifying experience that must have been. Glad to see that things are back to normal now. Alhamdulillah.

Nice pics and I'm sure an even nicer and wonderful holidays! Looking forward to reading Parts 2 and 3.... ;)

12:35 AM  
Blogger hiyoshi said...

And I thought it was the common sakit mata. Scary.

Anyway, glad to see that you enjoyed yourself so much. Visiting foreign places has always been an ambition of mine. Unfortunately, it seems that the only foreign places I'm visiting these days are the kitchen and bathroom ~

4:12 PM  
Blogger creativesina said...

Long live the auto driver.... :) losing ur sight for a day not only worries u but also us who read this blog....who knows, maybe kifarat tarbiyah.....anyway it has been a long time since ur last post...but still people love to read it( lagi2 yg xde chance studying abroad) hope to hear part II....( i mean to see more pictures of the scenery there)

2:34 AM  
Blogger ifos said...

hey really miss you entries... what's up on your side of the world? ;)

12:00 AM  
Blogger ifos said...

Happy birthday! May all your wishes come true on this day, and for always. =)

2:24 AM  
Blogger Jalilah said...

Okay, I should just shoot myself right now for being so insensitive and not leaving comments. It has taken me more than 2 months after you posted this entry to leave a comment. I'm really sorry.

What happened to your eyes was seriously frightening. Alhamdulillah, it healed.

Your trip to Ireland sounds sooo fun!!! The pictures are great. Care to post part 2 of your trip??? Hihi..

1:43 AM  
Anonymous kingkenny said...

happy besday,,sol

5:30 PM  
Anonymous crimsonskye said...

Solehah alhamdulillah I'm very glad to know your eye infection is getting better. That must be a scary experience.

Lovely, lovely pictures! You really were having a great time. :) And what's a small world, you've met Dayah too, hehe.

6:26 AM  
Blogger lynnx01 said...

Hi! Don't know if you remember me, but I do remember you. :D You're now in Ireland? That's so cool! If you see Tikah again, do say a big HI to her. I hope your eye is alright. What an experience it was! Btw, your sis didn't go Ireland with you?

9:55 PM  
Blogger afie911 said...

Whre art thou my dearest? =)

1:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
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1:36 PM  
Blogger aimi jamaludin said...

nice pics.seemed u had nice trip to ireland.hmmm, really looking 4ward to gettting there s well=)
manipal ri8?
wud love to hv frens from there.
do feel free to browse my blog
salam ukhuwwah

7:18 PM  
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Blogger Sh:ma said...

Salam! Solllllllll! Waaaa the pics looked funnn :) Haven't seen u in like forever! Good to know ur doing great over there :) Take care k <3

PS: I dah add u into my Linkies hihi =pp

10:37 AM  
Blogger a k i r a said...

Salam ukhuwah
Wah bestnye trip ke Ireland! Bila tengok pics2 yang lawa tu, nampak ramai muka2 yang familiar. ^_____^

Salam Ramadhan dan moga Allah permudahkan urusan. Ganbatte!

p/s: nama blog awak dalam bahasa Jepun tu sangatlah menarik perhatian saya ^___^

6:01 PM  
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